Most musicians are satisfied to let their music do the talking. But occasionally one will agree to do a public speaking event. Duff McKagan, former bass guitarist for Guns N’ Roses, spoke at one of my seminars. When a musician does decide to speak, it often becomes a fascinating look at the music industry from an insider’s perspective.

RockStars need to become professional speakers, or at the least, part-time speakers. I talked about this before, but it’s important, so I’m going to elaborate on it. There are several reasons that it’s a great idea to learn to be an effective public speaker. It can be very lucrative. It’s also the fastest way to become an expert and celebrity in your industry.

You can become a good speaker through trial and error, learning by making bad speeches until you get better. But I suggest hiring a Professional Speaker Coach. They know speaking the way I know marketing, and they can teach you the “tricks of the trade.” That cuts years off your learning curve, and it’s well worth the money.

RockStars know that it’s not enough to just sell e-books, or do public speaking engagements. You need to explore many different ways to generate income. If you do it intelligently, these multiple streams of income will result in a wave of money for you!