You’ve had lots of good ideas in the last year. Maybe they relate to your work; maybe they’re entrepreneurial plans for your own business. No matter, because none of those ideas was ever put into action.

You had your reasons at the time. Did you decide to wait until you had a bigger savings account? Until the children were in school? Until you could take some vacation time?

Do you even remember what those ideas were? Probably not, because if you don’t act on an idea, you’ll forget about it. One reason for delay begets another and the days stretch into weeks and months.

As a result, you might still be at your low-income level, still less happy than you could be. Next time you get a brainstorm, slip a harness on that whirlwind and put it to work for you. Start at once. Put your idea on paper, list the steps you need to take, and take step one. Step two will be easier. And a year from now, you’ll have more income and be happier.