In October 2006, my wife Natasha was diagnosed with cancer — Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Within two days she was in surgery, and within a week she started chemotherapy.

Although it didn’t feel like it at the time, we were very blessed because we owned our own business and had gotten to the point where the business would run without us if it had to.

Well, now it had to.

Natasha was basically down for seven months, laying in bed most of the time in severe, horrible pain. It was my job now to comfort her and take care of our three small boys — Tyler 8, Ryan 7, and Hayden 4.

I had to take the kids to school, pick them up from school, take them to their sports, take them to play dates – you get the picture. At the same time I had to take my wife to chemo, to the doctors, do all the grocery shopping, pay all the bills for the house and the company, make sure the company was still running, etc.

Most of the moms reading this are saying, “This is what I do every day. What’s he complaining about?”

And they’re right. But I’m a guy, and I just wasn’t used to doing all this. Plus the stress of not knowing whether my wife was going to live or die added to my overwhelm.

And all through this I kept thinking to myself, “What if I had to go to a full-time job? It would be impossible to do all this.” We both have no family in the area — we would have been screwed.

But, you know what? I did not have to go to work every day, and I was able to focus on my family during a very trying time.

I vowed that if we got through this nightmare I would share my story, and share how we created a very successful business, and share how we created multiple streams of income so that if this happened to anyone else, they might have the same chance we had to get through it.

Thus was born Craig Duswalt’s RockStar System For Success.

We’re all getting up in age where, eventually, we’ll need time to take care of family matters. If you have a successful business where you can make money while you’re away, trust me, you will have a better chance at a full recovery.