Suggested Interview Questions
for Craig Duswalt

Tell us a little about your background.

Craig will touch on his days with Air Supply, Guns N’ Roses, owning an ad agency, and creating RockStar Marketing.

So how did you get started as a Speaker?

Craig will tell the story where fate intervened and he became a speaker, and how it changed his life.

What exactly is RockStar Marketing?

Craig will go into detail about the RockStar Marketing System.

OK, you mentioned radio in there. I hear you have a very popular radio show called Craig Duswalt’s Marketing Podcast. Can you tell us more about that?

Craig will discuss his radio show, as well as his Star Worldwide Network.

I’ve heard that you’ve helped more than 400 people in the past few years write a book. Can you go into detail on Duswalt Press?

Craig will discuss his Book Writing Program, and why writing small books is less overwhelming to write. Then he share information about publishing and Duswalt Press.

And since your books are small, and cost very little to produce, you hand books out instead of business cards?

Craig will talk about why he does not hand out business cards.

You’re now considered one of the most successful speakers on the circuit today. What do you equate to your immediate success?

Craig will discuss three things that helped him to immediate success — Always do your best, make connections and meet the right people, and showing up.

And you also teach regular entrepreneurs to become speakers, as well?

Craig will share how to make a supplemental income from speaking (concerts).

So you have a huge event coming to Los Angeles, the 3 1/2 Day Marketing BootCamp on __________________. Can you tell us more about your event?

Craig will promote event, and make an offer to your audience.