If you already had the income you want you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog. So, let’s assume the things you’ve been doing haven’t worked to bring you the wealth you desire. Clearly, you need to make some changes in the way you’ve been doing things.

You can spend a great deal of money both in getting advice for change and in actually making changes. But you don’t need to go that route. Making the changes I suggest in these articles won’t cost much—and most won’t cost you a cent.

Commit yourself now to making whatever changes you need to make, and don’t just read the articles—put them into action.

It’s a given—RockStars re-invent themselves. Glam punker David Johansen became party animal Buster Poindexter, singing “Hot, Hot, Hot.” Rod Stewart went from rock singer to Sinatra-style crooner. Bono jumped from U2 front man to Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

But re-inventing yourself isn’t just for rockers. It’s for everyone who wants to achieve a new level of success in their personal or professional lives. Re-inventing yourself has to do with changing the way you perceive yourself, and how others perceive you. Re-inventing yourself means creating a new reality surrounding who you are.

I suspect that you are reading this book because you haven’t achieved everything you want in life. After all, you probably wouldn’t be here if your relationships were perfect, you had millions in the bank, and you were completely happy. But if you haven’t reached the life you’ve dreamed of yet, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

It means you need to re-invent yourself!

I’ve re-invented myself. At one time, I was known as America’s Shoestring Budget coach. I even had some success doing this. But I wasn’t passionate about it. So I took stock of myself and examined who I was. I knew I had a passion for music, for acting, for teaching, for writing, and for marketing. I combined all these into a RockStar theme, and a funny thing happened. My passion was re-born.

When you re-invent yourself, you feel alive again!