When MTV was launched in 1981 it changed the music industry forever. From that point on, musicians who wanted to be popular needed to worry about their look as well as their sound. For some acts, their look was even more important than their music!

The same kind of change happened on the Internet in 2005. That was the year that YouTube was launched. It quickly grew to be one of the most-viewed websites on the Web. Visitors can go to YouTube and watch videos put up by other site visitors. You can see videos on just about any subject you can think of.

If you want to be noticed, you need to be on YouTube. It isn’t hard to do. Just shoot short videos that promote your business — a weekly show perhaps. Then upload it for free to YouTube (they’ll walk you through it). Be sure to enter numerous keywords that relate to you and your business in the video description and tags area. And be sure to put your website address on the video, preferably in the “lower third” area of the screen.

YouTube is a great way to attract attention, because Google ranks videos very high. Add the same videos you put on YouTube to your website and that will also help you move up the Google rankings quickly.

Besides, shouldn’t every RockStar star in his or her own videos?

Having marketing vision is essential when starting a new business. But vision without a specific action plan is a ship without a rudder.

Developing a marketing plan that includes specific goals, vehicles and budgets offers significant advantages. Planning six to twelve months ahead gives you a broader, long-term perspective of your marketing needs and expenditures, and allows you to take advantage of volume discounts on advertising space, services and printing. When you can commit to a schedule in advance, you may also be able to negotiate longer payment terms.

But most importantly, a detailed Marketing Plan will help you stay focused on your brand goals, and avoid purchases that aren’t in your company’s best interest.

Because the word is getting our there about my new Business System scheduled for release in November 2008, people are starting to ask me, “Why is it called The RockStar System For Success?”

The answer is quite simple. I learned a lot of unique business strategies while I was on the road with Guns N’ Roses for the three-year Use Your Illusion World Tour. And then I learned numerous corporate strategies when I was the Creative Director at an Los Angeles Advertising Agency, culminating with cutting-edge entrepreneurial strategies when I opened my own marketing and design firm in Santa Clarita, CA.

I decided to combine the three fields and thus — The RockStar System For Success — was born.

There are techniques that RockStars use every day that most people in business could use in their industry to either promote themselves or their business, and most of it can be done for little or no money. For example, have you ever seen a RockStar pay for his own Print Ad? NO, they have the promoter do it for them.

Another example: RockStars are known as experts in their field, and they all stick with their specific niche. Could you imagine if Guns N’ Roses started playing disco? They would not be nearly as popular to say the least. A successful business knows their niche and they don’t stray from it, and they are known as experts in their field. This is a small sample of what The RockStar System For Success is based on — Achieving RockStar Status in Your Industry.

For more information about my RockStar Business Seminars and The RockStar System For Success, please visit my website at www.CraigDuswalt.com.